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Here are the Stäubli selection of Robots


Suitable for many industrial applications.
A comrehensive range which includes 4 Axis SCARA and 6 Axis Robots
for payloads of up to 250KG and complete with controllers and softwear.

Every industry has different needs but the variety of products available
from Stäubli ensures that the requirements are met over their extended range.

Over the Staubli extensive range it deploys its advantages with high speed precision, arm compactness and broad working envelopes not only to all types of industry but the great adaptability to many tasks.

From, low, medium or heavy payloads, to the specialist robot arms,
Staubli has the answer.

This is where CR Solutions come into the picture. We make it happen.
As specialists we are able to assess your needs and advise on the correct system for you. From design to installation to the best backup support your Company could ever need.

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Stäubli Fast Picker

fast picker

Stäubli – innovative solutions to move past your competition.for today’s tough markets.simple base and lightweight design makes this new robot the perfect choiceHigh precision with homogeneous repeatability, ease of integration utilizing aper minute and more fl exibility at higher cost e ectiveness.standard pick & place applications delivering speeds of more than 200 picksThe TP80 Fast Picker, the next generation of four-axis high-speed pickers forRaising the bar on pick, pack and place.

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