Robot Systems used in Palletising


Scara Robots are ideal for sorting, palletising and component
installation. They have a short cycle period of less than 0.5 seconds
for a movement sequence of 25mm vertical lift, 300mm horizontal
traverse and 25mm vertical lower and return (the 12" test)

Travel and position are measured with absolute encoders, so that the robot can start work as soon as it is powered up without wasting time with reference point traverses. In fact the robot can even resume at the point where it left off after power failures and emergency shutdowns in the middle of a sequence, In most cases, this eliminates the need to reset the entire system.

Pneumatic hoses and signal connection lines are routed inside the robot, making it easy to connect grippers and sensors.

You can start work almost as soon as you have unpacked the robot and installed the arm assembly. You only have to enter the reference point data recorded at the factory, then the robot is to execute the first movements.

Maximising the Packaging experience so that not only are production lines working to full capacity and efficiency but that the robot systems can prevent accidents and errors.

Robots can fill boxes or stack on pallets and then transfer for stretchwrapping.

Making your production line cost effective and efficient.

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