Airbus chooses CR Solutions

CR Solutions were approached by Airbus to improve the system already in place for Checking stringers. CR took the result and produced the first UCCM Machine, which was installed at Chadderton and later moved to Broughton

What set the Universal Contour Checking Machine apart from its competition was the
use of Mitsubishi’s dedicated servo network, which provided a reliable uncomplicated platform
on which to base the control system. To give an idea of how the UCCM works, the operator
requests a three dimensional drawing file of a stringer from the operator station or scanned
Bar code. The UCCM then requests the file from the main Airbus central database. Once it has
received the data the UCCM extracts the dimensions needed to produce a stringer profile and
passes them to the motion control network which in turn causes 182 servo motors to
simultaneously move to their required position. All this takes 5 seconds. Compare that with the
original method, which took approximately 40 minutes to set up one profile. The new system
can handle up to 4 profiles at any time.

Also because the Mitsubishi system uses an intelligent drive and motor we are able to provide
extremely accurate diagnostics from each of the 182 motors thus reducing down time and
predicting possible failures. CR Solutions developed an initial concept and from it developed and
integrated the hardware and software needed for the UCCM to reliably sit in the critical path.
For Airbus Stringer Production.


Success! Three more machines built


It is a rare event for projects to come in on time and within budget, this can mainly be down
to a combination of CR Solutions skill sets, CR design philosophy and a special mention
for the project team at Airbus. Since the successful acceptance of the first UCCM, three
more have been built. Two machines have been integrated into the Broughton site and one
in the USA.

Why CR Solutions?

CR Solutions were founded in 1995; the company philosophy has always been to strive for


  • Turnkey capability
  • Proven suppliers
  • Blue chip customers
  • Rignt first time
  • Quality
  • Focus on reducing life cycle cost
  • Reduce customer time to implementation
  • Provide innovative modular and standard solutions
  • Experts in motion control and industrial automation
  • Project co-ordination for customer satisfaction

What our customer says:-

As a project manager I have been Very impressed with CR Solutions
from original tender through to acceptance.
The attendance to detail and quality of work throughout the project has been excellent”

(Ref : Extract from letter from Mike Lund UCCM projects manager at Airbus)