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Replacement of obsolete drive system with Mitsubishi Motion Control and J2S Super drives on the ATR1 idle nest in Toyota Derby Press Shop

What we won’t do is bundle together a system that’s “technology for the sake of it” taking several years before it can re-coup its outlay, or something that’s overly complicated, difficult to maintain or more confusing than the system it’s meant to replace.

 What we will do is study your automation needs, discuss ideas and assess their feasibility, plus its full operating costs. We will then offer you the most cost-effective and maintainable solution. Only then will offer the most fit-for-purpose solution, using the most up-to-date and reliable technologies on the market.

CR Solutions’ reputation is based on providing quality projects and systems, for some technically demanding control applications.toyota2

 From a simple drive system that makes a machine more productive, up to a full automated robotic production system that gives 24/7 throughput.

 CR Solutions realise that investment in machinery and automation should bring a saving, not a cost.




Why CR Solutions

  • Turnkey capability
  • Proven suppliers
  • Blue chip customers
  • Right first time
  • Focus on reducing life cycle cost                          
  • Reduce customer time to implementation                           
  • Provide innovative modular and standard solutions
  • Experts in motion control and industrial automation  

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