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In Partnership with Mitsubishi Electric  we offer a variety of Servo and Motion system products providing solutions for applications as simple as a single axis point-to-point system through to fully synchonised 96 axis systems.

With both standard pulse type output modules and SSCNET bus modules specific application needs are easy to meet.

The MR-J3 Series of Servo motors and amplifiers takes Mitsubishi Motion Control to new levels of precision with a wide range of motors (all fitted with a standard 262,144 absolute encoder) and wide amplifier range (up to 110kW).

All Mitsubishi Servo and Motion system hardware is complimented by a range of software packages allowing easy programming and set-up of the units.


Product range

TypeFeaturesApplication example
KP Type KP
(0.16 ~ 2.4Nm)
Larger motor inertia moment makes this unit well suited for machines with fluctuating load inertia moment or machines with low rigidity such as conveyors.
  • LCD and conveyors
  • Food preparation machinery
  • Printers
  • Small loaders and unloaders
  • Small robots and component assembly devices
  • Small X-Y tables
  • Small press feeders
MP Type MP
(0.16 ~ 2.4Nm)
Small motor inertia moment makes this unit well suited for high-frequency operation directly connected to ball screw components.
  • Inserters, mounters, bonders
  • Printed board hole openers
  • In-circuit testers
  • Label printers
  • Knitting and embroidery machinery
  • Ultra-small robots and robot tips
JP Type JP
(1,59 ~ 95,5 Nm)
A 400 V Servo Motor for the MELSERVO-J3 Series for a power range up to 15 kW with low inertia and high speed. It has a compact size, is equipped with high resolution encoder and is compatible to gloabal standards.
  • Food and Packaging
  • Printing machine
  • Pick up robot for Injection molding machine
  • Palletizing machine
  • General machine which require High speed and High frequency
SP Type SP
(2.4 ~ 33.4Nm)
Stable control is performed from low to high speeds, enabling this unit to handle a wide range of applications.
  • Conveyor machinery
  • Specialised machinery
  • Robots
  • Loaders and unloaders
  • Winders and tension devices
  • Turrets
  • X-Y tables
  • Test devices
RP Type RP
(3.18 ~ 15.8Nm)
A compact sized low-inertia moment model with medium capacity. Well suited for high-frequency operation.
  • Roll feeders
  • Loaders and unloaders
  • High-frequency conveyor machinery




The MELSERVO MR-J4 series of servo amplifiers and the associated positioning units, simple motion modules and high-end motion control systems from Mitsubishi Electric enable machine builders and end customers to increase production safety and improve productivity.

The MR-J4 amplifier series has been developed for the automation requirements of tomorrow. Mitsubishi Electric has incorporated numerous innovative and user-friendly functions to minimise the time-consuming and elaborate matching of mechanical and electronic systems.

The absolute encoder which is fitted as standard has a resolution of 22 bits. This corresponds to more than 4 million pulses/revolution. The result is excellent true-running characteristics and a maximum positioning accuracy and processing speed which more than satisfy the performance requirements of modern high-end machines.


  • Single, dual and triple-axis amplifiers for improved economy, energy efficiency and cabinet space
  • Operation of rotary motors, linear motors and direct drive motors with a single unit
  • Safety at all times – STO (Safe Torque Off) and SS1 (Safe Stop 1) in accordance with EN 61800-5-2. SS2/SOS/SLS/SBC and SSM options available

Flexible motor selection

Another highlight of functionality and flexibility is the possibility of connecting different motors to the MR-J4 amplifier. The servo amplifier can be conveniently and easily used with rotary motors, linear motors and also direct drive motors.

User-friendly software

The MR Configurator2 programming tool allows convenient commissioning and diagnostics. Calibration, monitoring, diagnostics, reading and writing of parameters and test operation can be carried out easily on a standard PC. MR Configurator2 ensures a stable machine system, optimum control and short set-up times

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