Here at CR Solutions, we are able to supply our customers with a wide variety of gearheads
and here are a selection of the most popular products.


LP range


 LP Value line gearheads are economical to purchase, unbeatably efficient in operation and thanks to a unique lubrication concept, absolutley maintennce free throughout their service life.
Also renowned for their endurance in cyclic or continuous duty.
It can be mounted virtically or horizontally or with the output on the top or the bottom giving you all the design freedom you need.

SP Range

spSP  Whspers. The noise emisson of the SP  is 6 dB(A) lower than that of the already quiet SP Line, making the SP four times quieter, plus vibration is dramatically reduced.It's smooth running will amaze you.
SP Provides a new world of precision in standard gearhead. The torsional backlash has been reduced and can offer you less than one arcminute of backlash on request. This dramatically increases positioning accurcy.
Easy mounting where no errors are possible and the WITTENSTEIN alpha's patented motor mount is available with optional integrated thermal linear expansion compensation in the SP+ HIGH SPEED version.
Regardless of how your SP  is mounted it always has the same amount of oil, eliminating the need to specify mounting position when ordering. Thus, the possibility for ordering errors is reduced.


alphiraThe basic precision.
Precision merged with high torques for simple servo applications.
It guarantees absolute reliability thanks to its industry leading design and sizing methods, backed by extensive testing.
Total flexibility and even motors with large shafts can be mounted as standard.
Alphira is a gear reducer solution that can be driven with even the smallest motor.
With an efficiency of more than 97%(single stage at full load) it is optimized for economical operation. With its high potential speeds, it boosts your productivity.


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