(Selective Compliant Assembly Robot Arm)

Developed in 1981 by the manufacturing company Sankyo Seiki.

One of the most imortant developments in assembly line technology, it helps increase production and lower costs.

A SCARA Robot is a machine that mimics the human arm in that it can lift, pick and carry parts to the precise place required.Used in many motion control situations throughout industry including the Automotive Industry.

Being 4 axis robot arms they can for example move to any X,Y,Z positions in motion. Compliant in the X,Y position and rigid in the Z hence the term Selective Compliant.

The second great attribute of the SCARA is the jointed two link arm layout, much like a human arm,hence the term 'Articulated' allowing the arm to reach and extend to confined spaces then fold up back out of the way. Great for confined space situations.

Used frequently by Industry because of its speed, efficiency and cost.

The other advantage to using SCARA is in dangerous situations. A SCARA's ability to be controlled remotely makes it an excellent feature for work sites that can be hazardous to humans, such as working with chemicals, or in environments with extreme conditions like laboratories etc.

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